3 Cold Email Hacks to increase your sales

Aashiq Kabeer
4 min readJan 13, 2021

So you’ve finally set up your agency. Great!

Got all your assets in place and now you’re ready to work! What’s the next step? Of course, getting clients. You’ve drank your coffee and done your breathing exercises, read your daily motivational quote and opened up your laptop. You pull up your email and awesome! 3 new emails. You rub your hands and scroll over to the first email.

It’s from your email host. Subject line: Here’s your email data from the past week.

Open rates — 0.0004%

Reply rates — 0.0000001%

Possible email interest rate — non-existent

What in the world is happening? You did everything right.

You emailed 50 clients every day, got your website looking spanky and hip and have your funnel all figured out and yet you don’t have the results you want.


Let’s take a look at what exactly is happening here.

Low open rates

Why is this happening? Easy question and maybe not the easiest fix but it’s possible.

Test your subject line. Most emails are discarded before even reading the fourth word on the subject line. What’s the key here?


The most underrated sales tactic. Sure, it’s easy to write up 5 different subject line variants and just shoot them out randomly but that guarantees only one thing. Generic emails that no one wants to read.

Personalize your email subject lines. You’re emailing a dentist’s office? Do some research; find out interesting things about the company. Dig a bit deeper and try to find out their pain points. Eureka! You see their Instagram isn’t performing well. Use it to your advantage.

Example — We can get your Instagram engagement up by (X)%

Now that’s far better than the generic “Marketing Agency Offer” Nobody wants to open that, who’s got the time? This subject line does the most important part of your sales process. The pain point and a solution.

Low Reply Rates

Got the subject line on point and you have your open rates through the roof but you’re still not seeing a good reply rate. You got your client to open the email with your personalized subject line but no one really seems to be reciprocating all that work you put into the subject line. Why?

Test your sales pitch (angle).

Your pitch requires personalization as well. Don’t forget that you are approaching businesses but the person you’re emailing is a real human with sizeable stakes in their business.

Unless they feel like you can actually help their business make more money, no swanky subject line will get you through the door.

Test your angle. Is your sales pitch lacking confidence? What exactly is the reason they aren’t emailing you back with a quote request? Most probably because the client feels like what you’re offering isn’t enough or they don’t confidently think you can deliver.

References and case studies are your BIGGEST wingman here. Use past success stories to cement your offer. “We previously worked with (brand name) and we had immense success. CTR up by x%, Facebook engagement shot up by x% and bounce rate reduced by x%”.

Don’t be afraid to brag about your achievements. It makes the decision process so much easier for the client. Choose your best package of brands and achievements and use it in your pitch.

Low Interest Rates

Wow, your reply rates are astronomical. Congratulations! But you’re not getting the right replies. Most clients are excited to work with you but after a couple of email back and forth, they trickle away. Why?

Your offer.

Test your offer. Clearly the clients are happy with your service and are impressed with your achievements but what’s causing the dip? Most often it’s your offer. Your price and your service is not bridging that gap in their cost-benefit analysis.

My best advice is to never go with a flat rate when you’re starting out. A small business cannot have the same budget as a medium sized business and a medium sized business is different from a large business.

Play around with your offer and price. Most often than not, no 2 clients will settle for the same price and service. Throw in a complimentary service for a business that’s never done any form of digital marketing. Get their confidence level up. See how well that works and tweak it for your next client. Play around with your prices depending on your analysis of what the size of their marketing budget might be.

Above all, make sure you have a killer service. There’s only so much marketing you can do before your service quality bites you in the butt. But rest assured, if your services are on point, these three tips should get you through the door and have clients like never before.

Best of luck!